Time + Tide Chinzombo 
The Ultimate Family Safari Destination

Time + Tide Safaris offers more than just a safari but a raw, authentic and immersive experience in some of the most remote places on earth. The guides in each camp take extraordinary care to make sure everything they do helps guests reconnect with themselves, nature, and each other. 

Time + Tide Safaris is known as a pioneer in the safari space, allowing guests to be modern-day explorers with an appetite for adventure and exploration. The style of Time + Tide Chinzombo works with the environment, not against it; connecting many elements of the environment, its natural building materials and vintage accents blend modern style with the best of traditional bush safari camps.

Time + Tide Chinzombo has six spacious luxury tents, including a two-bedroom and bathroom tent, ideal for a family safari. The camp has evolved its family offering, ensuring that children have a wide range of family activities from beading to setting GoPro camera traps and helping prepare the afternoon tea treats in the camp kitchen.  

A family safari is a wonderfully enriching and rewarding experience for children and adults. Unplugged from modern life, you can unwind and immerse together into the rhythms of life in the bush. 

Time + Tide Chinzombo is the perfect destination for a family safari. Here’s why:

  1. Zambia was ranked the safest country in the world for travel in 2018, based on the Global Peace Index. 
  2. We are immensely proud of our nation and love welcoming travellers from around the world with open arms. 
  3. Time + Tide Chinzombo’s two-bed, two-bath family suites allow families to enjoy life’s sights, sounds, and sensations in the bush together. Imagine falling asleep to a serenade of roaring lions and bellowing hippos. 
  4. Time + Tide offers a wide range of activities to keep kids engaged and excited. Together you can boat past elephants, track leopards on foot, go fishing for monster Nile perch or sleep out under the stars.
  5. Time + Tide’s award-winning guides love inspiring the next generation of travellers and conservationists. There are also options for private guides, so your family can enjoy their safari at their own pace.
  6. Time + Tide’s bush camps are unplugged so that you will enjoy quality time together, free from the distractions and screens of modern life.
  7. We create delicious, healthy meals that can be tailored to you and your kids’ needs and preferences.
  8. Our Sleepout Under the Stars allows you to reconnect with nature and each other in a meaningful way.
  9. At Time + Tide Chinzombo, you have options for cultural experiences and interactions, such as traditional dances and visits to the local schools. It is a beautiful way for your children to learn about different lifestyles and cultures other than their own. 
  10. You’ll enjoy breakfast around the campfire instead of a granola bar in the car. Instead of running errands, you’ll watch baby elephants splash in the river. And you’ll go on game drives with lions instead of sitting in traffic.

What could be better than a Time + Tide Chinzombo family safari?


Time + Tide Chinzombo is just over an hour’s flight from Lusaka in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia’s premier wildlife destination.

What to Experience

Family safari activities

Kid-friendly activities

Day and night game drives

Walking safaris

Boating safaris (seasonal)

Cultural experiences and interactions

Sleep Out Under the Stars

In-room spa treatments

Booking and Contact Details

+27 60 642 4004

[email protected]

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