The Makenge Mirror by AfriConté

Africonté is a homeware brand that works with talented local artisans in Zambia and Southern Africa to develop and curate modern African decor pieces for the contemporary home.

Working with the most talented artisans, we curate distinct home decor pieces that capture the culture and quality of handmade decor items that are a result of decades of craftsmanship in Zambia passed down to the next generation.

Our makenge mirror adds an exotic feel to the traditional makenge basket that is commonly used for storing food in rural parts of Western Province.

It can take up to three days to complete the entire basket from harvesting the makenge roots to soaking and drying them. The makenge root is meticulously woven by artisans in Kalabo district of Western Province, Zambia. What makes it so unique is the artistry around the weave and its durability.  Makenge baskets are known to last more than 20 years!

The makenge mirror is the perfect accent piece for the bathroom, foyer or even your living room. It is best placed in a collage or as a pair, this adds great texture to any space and enhances the ambiance in the space. The makenge mirror gives your space an afro chic aesthetic that reminds you of Zambian travel and culture in the most unique way.


Keep out of direct sunlight

Keep away from water

Wipe with a dry cloth to clean 

Tips for decorating with mirrors

  1. Hang mirrors in corridors or entryways, as an added bonus you can outfit and hair one last look before you head out.

2. Display mirrors like artwork, create a gallery of mirrors. These can be a great complement to your other decorative pieces.

3. Experiment with sizes, patterns and shapes. Different sizes and shapes help increase visual interest.

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