Proflight Zambia and Procharter Achieve 99% Vaccination High

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Zambia’s leading airline Proflight Zambia and charter company Procharter have both achieved an industry-leading 99 percent staff vaccination rate.

The significant milestone underlines the airline’s proactive commitment to providing a safe and convenient service for both domestic and international travellers as the world faces yet another variant of COVID-19.

Proflight Zambia has taken an uncompromising stance to help limit the spread of the virus, by encouraging its staff to get vaccinated and help protect themselves and their passengers while supporting the government’s vaccination drive in the fight against the deadly virus.

“All Proflight Zambia staff, both on the ground and onboard, are committed to guaranteeing passengers the highest levels of health and safety having reached 99% vaccination rate,” said Proflight Zambia Director of Flight Operations Captain Josias Walubita.

“We are very pleased to reach this status, especially considering the environment we are operating in. This also gives the airlines’ staff the confidence to do their work diligently and professionally without compromise,” he stated.

Proflight Zambia joins the few airlines around the globe to reach the 99% vaccination rate.

The airline has noted that only two of its 147 employees are not vaccinated due to personal and medical reasons. While only one person out of 23 staff members for its sister company ProCharter remained unvaccinated for medical reasons.

Captain Walubita further noted that all customer-facing employees in both companies were fully vaccinated.

The airline said that it recognised the vaccine’s role in COVID-19 prevention, adding that having a vaccinated crew was cardinal in helping the companies effectively protect their employees and ensure passenger safety.

As the airline continues to dominate Zambia’s skies with new routes in the region it remains committed to its four values: safety, reliability, efficiency, and friendly service.

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