Proflight Zambia and Air Tanzania Soar The Skies Together

Zambia’s leading commercial airline, Proflight Zambia, has announced its newest interline ticketing agreement as it links up with Air Tanzania to unlock access to new destinations and seamless travel experience for passengers in the region.

Under the agreement, a streamlined ticketing process will enable travellers to book itineraries across both airlines effortlessly and to enjoy the benefits and services of the two airlines in a single-ticketed journey.

Proflight Zambia’s Director of Flight Operations, Captain Josias Walubita, remarked that the current interline agreement aims to provide cost-effective and flexible travel options for passengers travelling with both airlines. The airline is optimistic about enhancing passenger experiences across both airline routes.

Air Tanzania Managing Director Eng. Ladislaus Matindi expressed optimism, stating that passengers will join the most extensive network family, Air Tanzania, by choosing to travel with Air Tanzania. Passengers will benefit from better connections and suitable travel options within Zambia’s domestic routes and four major cities, including Dar es Salaam, Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, as part of their commitment to providing extraordinary, timely travel solutions to their passengers across the Southern African region. 

The interline agreement between Proflight Zambia (P0/659) and Air Tanzania (TC/197) took effect on December 18, 2023, allowing Air Tanzania to ticket onto Proflight Zambia’s flights and vice versa. 

Later this year, discounted fares for itineraries combining both airlines, such as Dar es Salaam to Johannesburg via Lusaka, will be published on Proflight Zambia’s website and Global Distribution System (GDS).

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