Mpoto Yathu:
The Premium Zambian Cuisine Experience 

In the heart of Lusaka, nestled at 21 Omelo Mumba Road in Rhodes Park, pushing the boundaries of traditional Zambian cuisine, a culinary gem is making waves. Mpoto Yathu, founded by a dynamic mother-daughter duo, has become a symbol of Zambian excellence and a must-visit destination for those seeking an authentic yet innovative dining experience. Mpoto Yathu is a journey through the rich tapestry of Zambian flavours, celebrating tradition with a touch of modern innovation.

Traditional Zambian Food with a Modern Twist

Matebeto is a feast of local food where family and friends prepare different kinds of dishes for a ‘celebration’. What sets Mpoto Yathu apart is its innovative twist of combining modern flavours from diverse cuisines and creating a unique blend that caters to local and international guests. In an era where the hurried pace of life often takes precedence, Mpoto Yathu stands as a reminder of the timeless joy of sharing a meal.

Your One-Stop Restaurant For Every Occasion 

Mpoto Yathu caters to all occasions and is one of Lusaka’s most sought-after lunch spots. It is the perfect venue to host corporate events and invite international guests for an authentic local experience. This is the place to be! 

The menu, an extensive exploration of Zambian culinary diversity, is an adventure through home-cooked meals, even when you are far from the comforts of home. It boasts a clean, inviting ambience, offering indoor and outdoor seating options. Lucky guests may occasionally find themselves serenaded by live music, adding an extra layer of charm.

The true beauty of Mpoto Yathu lies in its extensive culinary options. Indulge in fish, goat, village chicken, juicy grilled steaks, and more, each crafted uniquely. The culinary team showcases their prowess in creating dishes that are not just meals but experiences. Whether you are a fan of traditional Zambian flavours or crave a contemporary twist, Mpoto Yathu caters to all tastes, including an array of beautiful mocktails and cocktails to complement your meal. 

Nostalgic Embrace of Zambian Traditions

This is where tradition and innovation dance on your plate, leaving you with a taste of Zambia that lingers long after your meal. Whether you’re a local seeking a nostalgic, exciting dining experience or an international visitor eager to explore Zambian cuisine, Mpoto Yathu is a destination that promises to exceed your expectations. It is a place that effortlessly blends novelty with familiarity, where the food delights the palate while tugging at the heartstrings, offering a comforting reminder of the richness of tradition and the joy of shared meals.

To truly understand, one must venture in person, allowing the tastebuds to script a narrative that words alone cannot capture.

Indulge in Every Bite of Life’s Feast.

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