Proflight ‘Flying the Chitenge’ High

Proflight Zambia has continued celebrating the country’s rich cultural heritage through its “Fly Chitenge” initiative.

The campaign was officially launched in October 2019 to commemorate Zambia’s 55th Independence Day celebration and has since become a symbol of pride for the airline and the country as a whole.

The chitenge is a versatile fabric used to make traditional outfits in urban and rural African areas. Perhaps more significantly, the material, typically adorned with vibrant colors and intricate patterns, is also an integral part of Zambian customs, serving as a status symbol and a sign of modesty.

As a company that has its routes firmly embedded in Zambia, Proflight has incorporated chitenge into its branding and made it a crucial part of its identity, capturing the hearts of flyers across Africa and the world.

The fabric encapsulates the airline’s personnel’s friendliness and welcoming nature, which is integral to Proflight’s ethos.

The airline has even designated special days of the week where staff dress in Chitenge attire to represent the rich culture, traditions, and the Zambian way of life.

It is a beautiful representation of Zambia’s rich cultural heritage and celebrates its people.

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