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The Best Steak in Town

As you step into Prime Joint, you’ll be greeted by a gift shop offering an assortment of distinctive souvenirs and mementoes. The restaurant boasts an open and spacious layout, tastefully adorned with rustic furnishings, handmade decor, and artwork. The atmosphere is simultaneously relaxed and lively, creating a pleasant dining experience. Situated on an elevated portion of East Park Mall, Prime Joint offers excellent visibility and tranquil surroundings for those who choose to dine al fresco.

When queried about what sets the restaurant apart from its competitors and how it has maintained success for the past three years, Manager and Executive Chef Darrel replied with great enthusiasm, “Consistency! I am present every day, from the opening until the restaurant’s closing, and I oversee the preparation of every dish. Our unwavering commitment to detail and quality is our top priority.”

Prime Joint prides itself on using predominantly locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant buys all its vegetables directly from local family small-scale farmers within Lusaka and not from distributors. Chef Darrel explains, “The original concept has always been to serve fresh, simple ingredients of the highest possible quality, exquisitely prepared. We practice the farm-to-fork method.”

The weather was warm, and to quench my thirst, I ordered a Field of Strawberries cocktail (also known as a Strawberry Daiquiri) containing frozen strawberries, white rum, and lime juice. It’s rare for restaurants to use natural fruits in their cocktails, but Prime Joint strongly emphasises quality, evident in their use of fresh ingredients. 

Prime Joint offers a wide range of high-quality, locally sourced beef and pork options, with the T-bone, rump and fillet steak being the most popular. They practically fly off the shelves, Chef Darrel told me. He recommended the T-bone, arguably the most popular cut of steak in Zambia, a beloved Zambian classic. With a broad grin and an enormous wooden board in hand, Chef Darrel approached me, presenting a medium-well T-bone steak accompanied by chips, pepper steak sauce, and a fresh garden salad. I was impressed with the visually stunning presentation and couldn’t wait to try it. The dish was already perfectly seasoned; I only added a dash of coarse salt and pepper to further enhance the flavours. My T-bone was exceptionally tender, with a perfect ratio of meat to fat, and offered a rich umami flavour with a subtle sweetness.

As I finished my main, Chef Darrel informed me that Wagyu steak had been added to the menu in early 2023. After receiving the Wagyu from the butcher, the restaurant ages them by wet maturing (vacuum sealing) for 10 to 12 days, resulting in even greater tenderness and flavour. I was intrigued and knew exactly what I would have the next time I visited Prime Joint.

For dessert, Chef Darrel presented a plate of Prime Waffles smothered in chocolate and topped with cookie crumble and decadent vanilla ice cream. The waffles were freshly made, boasting an irresistible light and fluffy texture. As I indulged in the chocolate-drizzled cookies, they crumbled in my mouth, and the combination of flavours with the ice cream was heavenly. To cleanse my palate and fully savour the delicious flavours, I sipped on a cappuccino, repeatedly allowing me to fully appreciate the delightful taste sensations.

What truly impressed me during my dining experience at Prime Joint was the outstanding quality of the food served. From the frozen strawberries in my cocktail (as opposed to syrups) to the freshly made sauces and locally sourced vegetables in my salad that were not compromised by intermediaries, every dish was a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to quality.

More than a meal

Prime Joint takes you on a journey with an entire experience that evolves around more than just their exquisite food. Unmatched customer service, a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere, funky décor, and quality cuisine are all part of the Prime Joint journey. Chef Darrel is on hand to ensure meals and drinks are perfectly prepared and plated in style.

Prime Joint has maintained the highest standards in the three years since it opened, and every detail is noticed. Chef Darrel states, “Most of my chefs started with me three years ago in the kitchen, and we work together closely; this has greatly contributed to the consistency in our delivery.”

If you phone in with a request, you will speak to Chef Darrel himself; personalised service will be guaranteed.

Prime Location

Prime Joint is a family-owned restaurant located at East Park Mall that has operated for three and a half years. It is conveniently situated along Great East Road, next to the University of Zambia’s main campus. Prime Joint has a seating capacity of nearly 200 guests and boasts a kitchen with ten chefs. Also located at East Park is its sister restaurant, Prime Catch.

Supporting Local

From farm to fork, the vast majority of ingredients are sourced locally. This way, Prime Joint supports local producers while ensuring you only eat the freshest foods. Prime Joint does not serve store-bought sauces. They instead make their own mayonnaise, barbecue and peri-peri sauces; everything is made from scratch with love and passion. 

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