Bo’ Jangles Lusaka
Where Food Imitates Art

Bo’Jangles Restaurant in Lusaka is finally here to tantalize and tickle our tastebuds. Set the scene and Taste the Jazz! It’s time to think of food as a destination!

Their seating arrangements and décor are crafted with high-quality materials and artful presentation. Beautiful objects, carefully selected and procured worldwide, set the scene for an upscale experience and ambience for all guests.

The exceptional and dynamic team, part of the larger corporate group Lamba Zambia, is led by hospitality veterans whose passion and pursuit of excellence have provided them with a platform to showcase incredible talent at the highest level. 

Leveraging their phenomenal leadership skills, they have hired an unrivalled front and back-of-house team with unequivocal knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry. 


The Bo’Jangles team encompasses remarkable professionals; their culinary craftsmanship, talent, passion, art, style, and creative flair can all be experienced at this exceptional jazz-themed restaurant. Renowned and acclaimed Chefs, Sommeliers, and outstanding front-of-house directors from different parts of the world represent the diversity and rich service culture that form part of the DNA of Bo’Jangles Lusaka. 

Their extraordinary skill and attention to detail are paired with their love for creating fine food, savoir-faire, passion for serving, and dedication to excellence – a trademark of hospitality at its finest.


Bo’Jangles Restaurant is a fine dining establishment offering a sophisticated and unique dining experience. The exceptional food standards are achieved by internationally trained executive chefs who deliver guidance and capacity-building to Zambian chefs. The result is astoundingly fusional – Zambian-sourced and locally-grown foods with world-class flair. 

With its Taste The Jazz motto, the elegant and spacious restaurant caters for numerous clientele needs, from business lunches to romantic engagements. Every menu item is carefully crafted to be pleasant both visually and gastronomically. Enjoy signature dishes such as elevated Indian dishes and the humble wood-fired pizza, which promise not to disappoint.

An interview with Chef Rabie at Bo’Jangles – My kitchen has only success and no failure. 

Upon first introduction, Chef Rabie proudly shares his heritage and the significance of his name, which originates from Arabic roots and translates to “Spring Season” and “Maestro.” As he delves into his narrative, it is impossible not to be captivated by his impeccable demeanour – he exudes the essence of a true chef through his appearance, eloquent speech, and professional conduct.

When I asked him: “How do you teach passion, he responded: “With love”. 

His portfolio of 20 years in the business and 13 years as an Executive Pastry Chef is not just down to skill alone and is not dictated by money or fame. He speaks of building heritage and the future of pastry gastronomy in Zambia.

He is most certainly not without ambition and plans to expand the food travel map of his already illustrious career to the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. It’s not for now, though, and he plans to stay long enough to infuse Lusaka with the flavours of Belgian chocolate, vanilla from Madagascar and impeccably balanced sweet treats and gelatos from Italy – the likes of which have rarely been experienced.

About Bo’Jangles

Bo’Jangles is Lusaka’s premier destination for novelty, bold, flavourful cuisines, all matched by excellent delivery. Moreover, you don’t have to wait for dinner to enjoy the menu; Bo’Jangles’ commitment to serving impeccable food begins at 7 am daily! 

The restaurant has employed nearly 170 local support staff, thereby contributing effectively to the growth of the hospitality and tourism sector in the city. Bo’Jangles is here to stay and aspires to expand its outlets to other towns.

Chef Rabie

Chef Rabie is 37 years old and comes from Morocco. He is a veteran in the pastry kitchen and the son of a Chef whose professional heritage is in the King’s kitchens. This is where he draws his pride and quiet confidence.

Food excellence is a way of life for this passionate and inspired Chef, who boasts over 20 years of experience in the business. When he was first invited to Zambia, he trained over 40 chefs in the Copperbelt region, in Ndola, before joining the Lusaka Bo’Jangles kitchens, where he will have passed on his knowledge through theory and practical training classes at the restaurant to over 100 chefs by the end of this quarter. Ndola is the location of the first Bo’Jangles restaurant in Zambia, which remains the most popular restaurant in the city. It set a high standard for culinary excellence, which the Lusaka branch also lives up to.

A true professional, he also has the spirit of his nomadic ancestors. He has travelled to 18 countries, where he opened 11 pastry kitchens worldwide, ranging from hotel resorts to coffee shops. Chef Rabie is setting high standards and has aspirations to make his new home in Lusaka a world-class food destination in the heart of the capital city. 

The Foodie Destination

Bo’Jangles has fast become a premier foodie destination in Lusaka. It is located at Longacres Mall in Lusaka and sits adjacent to Kenneth Kaunda Square, which features a spectacular statue of Zambia’s founding father.

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