A Timeless Work of Art:
The Emerald Africa Pendant

Keep a piece of Africa with you! The emerald Africa Pendant is a stunning homage to the continent’s natural beauty. Crafted by experienced jewellers, this pendant showcases a radiant Zambian emerald as its centrepiece, elegantly set in 18-karat yellow gold.

This versatile piece is a good choice for a timeless souvenir—a perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones. Zambia supplies about 50% of the world’s emeralds mined in the Lufwanyama District of the Copperbelt Province. It is widely recognised as the finest in the world due to its exceptional colour, remarkable durability, and unparalleled natural beauty.

Drawing upon over three decades of expertise in crafting handmade, bespoke jewellery, Jewel of Africa continues to captivate with its gem-set jewellery. The creations are exemplars of unparalleled craftsmanship, evident in every facet, curve, and contour. Jewel of Africa brings to life your jewellery dreams, creating timeless jewellery that resonates with your style.

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About Jewel of Africa 

Jewel of Africa, Zambia’s leading jewellery company, is a vertically integrated entity established over three decades ago. It is engaged in the mining of emeralds, cutting & polishing of gemstones, manufacturing jewellery, certification, retail, e-commerce and exports directly to customers worldwide. Our mission is to become the world’s first fully vertically integrated company supplying emerald jewellery from “Mine to You” by adding value to Zambia’s natural resources.

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Headquarters Experience Store, Lusaka; Lusaka International Airport Duty-Free; Livingstone International Airport Duty-Free; Ndola International Airport Duty-Free; Manda Hill Mall.

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+260-967-750777 | +260-211-250005


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