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Zambia boasts a diverse wealth of gemstones, including the world’s finest emeralds and over twenty-five distinct colours of tourmalines. A rich variety, including amethysts, aquamarines, citrine, garnets, moonstone, quartz, turquoise, and more, showcases the precious treasures that abound in the country:

Emerald (EM): Zambia’s emeralds are prized for their deep green colour and exceptional clarity, ranking among the world’s most valuable gems. Known for their durability, they rate between 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs scale, and their refractive index is higher than that of other emeralds. They symbolise wealth creation, hope, growth, and peace. Emeralds are treasured for their vibrant beauty.

Tourmaline (TM): Zambia’s diverse array of tourmalines boasts unique qualities. From the bi-colour tourmaline, symbolising joy and emotional balance with its pink centre and green “rind,” to the verdelite tourmaline, which showcases a rich grassy hue and exceptional clarity, promoting courage and vitality. Additionally, Zambia’s pink tourmalines, known as rubellite, span from pale pink to deep red, embodying qualities of compassion, love, and spirituality. Together, these tourmalines reflect the country’s wealth of natural beauty and symbolic significance.

Amethyst (AM): Mined in Zambia’s Southern Province, amethysts boast a deep violet-purple hue and are revered for their beauty and spiritual significance. Ametrine, a natural blend of amethyst and citrine, combines purple and yellow or orange zones.

Aquamarine (AQ): Mined in Zambia’s Eastern Province, aquamarine’s serene green-blue tones evoke the tranquillity of the sea. Known for its clarity and transparency, it is the birthstone of March.

Morganite (MG): Morganite, a pink variety of the beryl mineral family, shares its lineage with emeralds and aquamarines. Its gentle peach-pink hue reflects the purity of dawn, symbolising healing, compassion, and promise. Remarkably clear and relatively free of inclusions compared to emeralds, morganite embodies tranquillity and assurance.

Citrine (CT): Found in Zambia’s North-Western Province, citrine’s transparent yellow hues, ranging from pale to golden, exude warmth and vitality. It is the birthstone of November.

Garnets (GR): Garnets are a collection of gemstones in different colour variations, including red (rhodolite), green (tsavorite), orange and pinkish orange (spessartite). The most common is red garnet, which is representative of Valentine’s. These gemstones symbolise passion, creativity, and vitality, prized for their beauty and energy.

At Jewel of Africa, we are dedicated to helping you select the most exquisite and ethically sourced gemstones certified by our accredited gemmologists, ensuring that your bespoke jewellery piece is meticulously handcrafted with a keen eye for detail.

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Jewel of Africa, Zambia’s leading jewellery company, is a vertically integrated entity established over three decades ago. It is engaged in the mining of emeralds, cutting & polishing of gemstones, manufacturing jewellery, certification, retail, e-commerce, and exporting directly to customers worldwide. Our mission is to become the world’s first fully vertically integrated company supplying emerald jewellery from “Mine to You” by adding value to Zambia’s natural resources.

You can find us at our Headquarters Experience Store, Lusaka; Lusaka International Airport Duty Free; Livingstone International Airport Duty Free; Ndola International Airport Duty Free; Manda Hill Mall, Lusaka.

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