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Shardonnay Wine Bar

Nestled within the tranquil suburb of Kabulonga along Kudu Road, Shardonnay Wine Bar epitomises sophistication and a quiet refuge amidst Lusaka’s bustling scene. Since its launch in June 2023, Shardonnay has established itself as the preferred destination for refined taste and impeccable service, drawing a distinguished clientele ranging from local business directors and CEOs to expatriates and international travellers. Shardonnay credits its rapid rise to popularity to its impeccable, personalised service and hushed whispers exchanged in clubhouses between corporate handshakes.

Born from a passion for refined wines, conversation and the drive to share their vast repository of wine knowledge, South African couple Shamini Schaaf-Hardwick and Geoff Hardwick  pinpointed a gap in the market for a quiet, refined location for the discerning crowd. Reflecting on her journey, Shamini notes, “I once believed that the price tag determined a wine’s quality, but experience taught me otherwise, and we believe in presenting only the best of the best.” This ethos permeates every aspect of Shardonnay’s operations, ensuring an unparalleled experience for each visitor.

Whilst primarily identifying as a wine bar, Shardonnay tantalises the palate with a menu that varies weekly, meticulously crafted to complement its extensive wine selection. With light, sharing plates as vibrant and creative as their owner, guests can expect to be pleasantly surprised by each week’s distinctive menu. Each dish is a culinary masterpiece, prepared with the freshest ingredients sourced from local markets and whipped by Shamini. She clarifies, “We do not utilise any frozen food; everything on our menu is fresh, seasonal and sourced weekly and sometimes daily.”

Beyond the culinary delights, Shardonnay prides itself on offering a curated selection of exclusive wines sourced directly from prestigious estates. Noteworthy among these are exclusive offerings like Uva Mira and McFarlane Wines, which established Shardonnay as the sole purveyor of these esteemed labels in Zambia. Further enhancing the experience are personal connections with renowned winemakers, who occasionally grace the establishment with intimate wine-tasting sessions.

Shardonnay offers an exquisite wine-tasting experience guided by knowledgeable staff for the connoisseur seeking a deeper appreciation of fine wines, as the establishment stays clear of mainstream varieties. A recent visit treated me to a journey of oenophilia. I was presented with a curated selection of four wines, commencing with a refreshing white before seamlessly transitioning into the robust reds.

The tasting began with a Sauvignon Blanc from Almenkerk Wine Estate, a 2022 vintage that immediately captivated the senses. This wine unveiled a bouquet of sweet peaches and juicy citrus, its tropical notes accentuated by the creamy, savoury profile of the feta and accompanying charcoal-infused, homemade crackers.

Venturing further into the realm of whites, the Jezebelle Chardonnay, a personal favourite, and a lively 2022 vintage that left an indelible impression. Unsurprisingly, this wine earned the prestigious Platters by Diners Club award for 2023; this wine boasts an exquisite fusion of lime, oak, and peach flavours that waltzed gracefully on the palate.

Transitioning to reds, I eagerly anticipated the Uva Mira Merlot 2019 due to my inherent fondness for this varietal. True to expectations, this wine stole the spotlight with its luscious, refined profile, featuring bold notes of blackberry and plum. Paired with Parmesan cheese, the ripe dark fruit cut the richness of the cheese, creating a balance that rendered each sip an indulgent delight.

Concluding the experience was the Uva Mira Shiraz 2020, cascading into my glass. It is a rich, opulent red teeming with flavours of red fruit, spice and lingering herb to round it off. The pepper in this robust wine contrasted the sharp cheddar cheese, providing a fitting conclusion to a truly remarkable tasting experience.

Tailored to the more discerning crowd, Shardonnay is a refuge that excludes pets and underage patrons. The ambience at Shardonnay is nothing short of enchanting, with well-manicured gardens and an atmosphere of serenity that beckons guests to retreat after an arduous day.

Meet the Wine Connoisseur:

Shardonnay Wine Bar’s proprietor’s passion for wine was cultivated during her varsity days in Durban, South Africa, and refined through her experiences in Germany. Her passion is infused into Shardonnay’s passion for curating exceptional wine experiences.

  • Tailored to You

Shardonnay prides itself on offering its guests personalised services, such as wine by glass, carafe, and bottle. Private clients can access the private tasting room and preserve unfinished bottles for future enjoyment.

  • Powered by Women

Shardonnay is proudly run by an all-woman team and the wine bar is entirely staffed by a professionally trained crew of women, resulting in impeccable service.

  • The Wine Club

As a testament to its commitment to excellence, Shardonnay Wine Bar unveils its Wine Club in collaboration with Under the Influences, offering exclusive privileges to members. From priority event bookings to curated wine-tasting experiences with esteemed winemakers, members are invited to indulge in luxury and refinement.


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