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Dear Esteemed Customers,

Welcome aboard our flight. Whether you are a leisure or business traveler, we are delighted to continue serving you. At Proflight, our relentless pursuit of innovation and expansion is driven by our commitment to providing our valued customers with an unparalleled level of service they have grown to love. With that said, I would like to reiterate our mission as your airline of choice. Proflight prides itself in providing a safe, reliable, efficient, and friendly service and offering good value to business and leisure travelers locally and internationally.

Proflight Zambia was established in 1991 and took to the skies with a single five-seater aircraft and has expanded to become Zambia’s largest scheduled airline. Today, we proudly operate nine aircraft: a 126-seater 737-500 jet, three 50-seater CRJ-100/200 jets, four 29-seater Jetstream 41 aircraft and one 18-seater Jetstream 32 aircraft.

Our domestic routes from Lusaka include Kalumbila, Livingstone, Mansa, Mfuwe, Ndola, Solwezi, and Jeki/Royal airstrips in Lower Zambezi. We proudly announce that we will soon re-launch our domestic schedule into Kasama. At the same time, our regional routes will continue to connect you to Durban, Johannesburg, and now Cape Town in South Africa.

To ensure your travel experience with Proflight remains seamless, our airline is linked to all the major global distribution networks, allowing travel agents worldwide to book tickets in real-time. We have various interline agreements with all major carriers operating into Zambia and facilitate one-airline-ticket itineraries and luggage allowances into Zambia from anywhere in the world.

We strongly encourage our passengers to be punctual, but your safety remains our top priority. The safety features of each aircraft vary, so please pay close attention to the safety briefing and instructions provided by our attentive crew. We encourage you to read the Passenger Briefing Card, available in your seat pocket or the pocket adjacent to your seat.

On a final note, in your hands is Proflight Zambia’s in-flight magazine, Nkwazi, which was initially published in January 2013 and is a full-colour magazine that features an eclectic mix of stories about Zambian culture, arts, travel, and entertainment. It is available free of charge on board for your reading pleasure.

Thank you for choosing Proflight Zambia as your carrier of choice. Your continued support is appreciated. We hope to see you on board again soon.

Captain Josias Walubita,

Director Flight Operations

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