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Dear Customers,

We are very delighted to have you on board. The year 2022 has been remarkably busy and exciting for us at Proflight. As an airline, we pride ourselves in providing a safe, reliable, efficient, and bespoke friendly service, whilst offering substantial value to business and leisure travellers locally and internationally. We now operate two Bombardier CRJ-100/200 jet aircraft with fifty seats, three Jetstream 41 aircraft with twenty-nine seats, and one Jetstream 32 aircraft with eighteen seats. However, I would want to focus on the functioning of our CRJ-100/200 aircraft with fifty seats.

In 2015, we began flying our first CRJ-100 aircraft. The launch of this aircraft necessitated a complex management of change procedures to facilitate a seamless transition. Our second CRJ-200 aircraft was well-established on our local and international route network during the first quarter of 2022. In this final quarter of 2022, we are thrilled to have our third CRJ-200 aircraft gracing the skies of Southern Africa.

Proflight’s introduction of CRJ-type aircraft has offered new work prospects for Zambians. The CRJ fleet now consists of nine rated, experienced, and certified pilots. This also extends to our maintenance department, which employs eight rated and trained engineers to keep this fleet airborne. We have established a methodical and controlled procedure to augment these numbers of qualified personnel as we go along. By the second quarter of 2023, the CRJ fleet should include 11 Zambian pilots and 14 Zambian engineers. For our CRJ pilots, we mostly conduct internal recruiting and personnel upgrades from our Jetstream fleet. This, therefore, enables us to attract individuals from outside of the company for the Jetstream fleet. As a result of upgrading certain pilots to our CRJ fleet, we have hired four more pilots in 2022 to reinforce our Jetstream fleet’s crewing levels. Our CRJ flight crew are trained in Germany by Lufthansa Aviation Training, one of our training partners. Our CRJ engineers are trained in Kenya at Flightline Training Services. Maintenance on CRJ aircraft, line maintenance, and maintenance release are all performed separately at our Proflight-approved maintenance organization in Lusaka. A portion of specialist maintenance is performed by our global network of partners. The CRJ fleet continues to boost our airline’s standing, and we are committed to further strengthening it.

Our sincere gratitude for choosing Proflight Zambia as your chosen airline. We are grateful for your continued support and look forward to seeing you on one of our future trips. We wish you a happy holiday and a safe Christmas season. We value your patronage.

Captain Josias Walubita

Director Flight Operations

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