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Located on the perimeter of the lively East Park Mall in Lusaka, The Fat Chef restaurant offers a relaxed, boutique-style dining experience, boasting an eclectic menu inspired by Executive Chef Rushil Parmar’s time exploring the diverse, progressive food culture of Los Angeles. Since its inception in 2022, the restaurant has quickly become one of the city’s prominent destinations for cross-cultural cuisine.

The eatery’s menu boasts a wide array of multicultural cuisine, from pasta, pizza and sushi to tacos and Zambian grill staples such as T-bone; the selection caters to every palate. The menu whisks guests on a culinary adventure around the world in one sitting. The drinks menu is equally all-encompassing, featuring a well-curated selection of wines, bourbons, cocktails and vibrant mocktails.

I had the pleasure of dining at The Fat Chef for a leisurely Sunday lunch with my companion. We were warmly greeted by the staff on arrival and promptly seated on the patio. The staff’s friendliness and prompt service throughout our meal made us feel welcome and at ease.

While waiting for your meal, I recommend the Strawberry Gin Fizz, a delightful mix of fresh strawberries, aromatic rosemary, and cooling mint blended with two varieties of gin, topped off with tonic water. The Fat Chef house cocktail is another must-try, a rainbow-layered Bacardi-based drink with grenadine and pineapple juice. The restaurant also offers a generous mocktail option for those not indulging in alcohol.

Our meal began with a trio of golden mozzarella cheese balls. The parmesan-crusted appetiser is accompanied by a bright, velvety marinara sauce featuring fresh basil’s sweet and pungent flavours. The soft, creamy texture of the mozzarella, paired with the crisp, crunchy crust of the deep-fried parmesan, creates a delicate balance, offering a bite-sized taste of Italy in every mouthful.

Moving on to the main courses, we first indulged in the Seafood Mix Special. This Fat Chef special comprises California rolls bursting with smoky salmon, creamy tuna and crunchy cucumber. Shredded tempura prawns and a kick of spicy mayo complement this bite-sized medley of mild Asian flavours. The light, fresh flavours provided a refreshing contrast to the day’s heat. Despite initial reservations about consuming raw fish in a landlocked country, the chef assured us they follow a stringent quality control process and ensure safe, top-quality ingredients.

The second main course featured Korean BBQ Beef tacos served with the classic accompaniment of pico de gallo. The soft shell tacos, prepared in-house, showcased the tanginess of the tender beef and harmonised beautifully with the tropical sweetness of the pineapple, with a touch of spicy mayo completing the ensemble. Alongside that is the delightful Chicken Parmesana, a succulent chicken breast coated in a herby parmesan crumb, served with warm creamy mozzarella and accompanied by the signature marinara sauce. With its infusion of tomato, garlic, and basil flavours, the marinara sauce has become my not-so-secret obsession, embodying an authentic Italian taste.

After savouring these delectable main courses for over an hour, we concluded our meal with an indulgent tiramisu for dessert. The deconstructed tiramisu made fresh on order had the perfect balance of Kahlua, cocoa, coffee and crème notes, featuring the grainy textures of the biscuit and cocoa dusting that melt in your mouth. The harmonious blend of ingredients might just convert a non-coffee lover.

The visual presentation of the dishes and drinks enhances the overall experience, with the taco trays and the sushi platters artfully adorned with pickled ginger, leaf-shaped wasabi and garnishes. As any foodie knows, you eat with your eyes first! The Fat Chef proves to be the ideal location to satisfy every craving with an all-encompassing menu that fuses different cultures and tastes. Unsurprisingly, most families at the mall or returning from church on a Sunday choose The Fat Chef for a leisurely late lunch before heading home to rest and recharge for the upcoming week.


The story of The Fat Chef begins in Los Angeles, where Chef Rushil spent years exploring the city’s diverse, multicultural cuisine. The inspiration for the restaurant struck during a visit to Big Mouth, a multicuisine restaurant in LA. Collaborating with his father, he realised his vision to introduce different cultures to Zambia through food.


The Fat Chef’s philosophy is simple food with complex flavours that satisfy every craving and every palate. Reflecting the vibrant Los Angeles food scene, the restaurant offers patrons unlimited options to explore.


With a background as a trained chef, Chef Rushil’s philosophy revolves around everything ‘made from scratch’. Every meal and ingredient is meticulously prepared in-house, ensuring freshness every day. Each element, from the sauce to the dough, is prepared fresh and on order.

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