If ever a concept has been pertinent, it is that of celebrating humanity and togetherness amid diversity at this time. It is knowing and appreciating your life because of the existence of others – ubuntu. And this is one of the beautiful things about being a part of Africa and celebrating Africa Day. It is a reminder that we share a common goal as a continent, which unites the people and gives the sense of kinship so that wherever you find yourself, you know you are home.

At Yellow Card, one of our aims is to see Africans have the tools to attain financial independence and Africa come together as one. As the driving force behind the economic growth of any nation is the collective growth of the population within it, we came together to help achieve this.

Yellow Card is a fast-growing fintech that is providing access to cryptocurrency to everyone regardless of status or location. The rationale behind this is simple: Over the past year, for instance, due to the impact of Covid-19, many countries have experienced serious economic challenges that have seen inflation and interest rates rise so that the average citizen is struggling to make ends meet, perform simple financial transactions and plan for a bright future. But with the breakaway from traditional finance that cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin bring, thus making processes smoother and cheaper, everyone including the unbanked and underbanked can now have access to financial tools to better their lives. And this is the African dream.

To make this happen, we have a strong belief that Africa has the resources to rebuild its broken walls. This is why Yellow Card is built by Africans for Africans. With operations currently in 11 countries, we have established bases in these countries where people who know the lay of the land are working hand-in-hand with fellow citizens across the continent to create a sustainable financial solution powered by the decentralized power of the blockchain. This drives home the point, that wherever you are in Africa, you can contribute your quota to help with the work of promoting African freedom.

Some of the ways we are doing this include providing a platform open to anyone to buy cryptocurrencies with their local currency and easily send and receive money and perform trade across Africa and the world. Beyond that though, we have prioritized educating the masses on the benefits and utility of bitcoin and cryptocurrency as well as sharing ways to attain financial freedom. This mission birthed collaboration with other like-minded

organizations where we have featured in conferences such as the Crypto Tamanga Meetup to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day, webinars co-hosted by BongoHive as well as other related events around Southern Africa and the rest of the continent. These culminated in the recent launch of Yellow Card Academy, our one-stop resource center for everything crypto. With Yellow Card Academy, anyone from the comfort of their home can access cryptocurrency
resources that can help them make smart financial decisions on their journey to financial independence.

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