The Original Snare Necklace

Mulberry Mongoose is a team of rural Zambian artisans who are internationally recognized for their ability to transform brutal poachers’ snare wire into award-winning jewelry. With every sale they donate to anti-snare patrols, they have donated over $130,000 to conservation efforts thus far. They call their unique art creating Beauty from Brutality.

Based in South Luangwa, close to the famed South Luangwa National Park, each piece of jewelry is handcrafted in their workshop and store, dubbed ‘Shop Less Ordinary’. Guests regularly drop in to see the innovative process of transforming a brutal poaching tool into a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Their original snare necklace takes over three hours to create and contains more than 30 handmade snare beads. Snare beads are crafted from brutal poacher’s snare traps collected by the brave rangers. The Mulberry Mongoose team uncoils this rigid material before cutting it and hammering it on an anvil. The team then sands, drills, and polishes each bead to create a stunning finish.

The jewelry makers then skillfully create this statement necklace finished with a handmade clasp. 

Mulberry Mongoose is born of the belief that to feel good; everyone must benefit. Its unique business model upcycles something harmful and transforms it into something beautiful. This process empowers their rural Zambian team and has provided them with essential employment and a feeling of pride, status, and purpose. Lastly, when you buy their unique pieces from their shop or online, you are giving back to conservation, supporting rural Zambians, and feeling beautiful on the inside and out.

How much

Price $139

Style tips

The original snare necklace looks stunning and elegant with a little black dress.
The necklace also packs a punch teamed with a bright summer dress.
You can also wear the necklace with our snare stud earrings.


Mulberry Mongoose’s Shop Less Ordinary location in South Luangwa is 15 minutes from the park entrance – there, you can tour the workshop to see how each piece of jewelry is made.

You can also purchase Mulberry Mongoose at Lusaka Collective in Longacres, Lusaka.


Mulberry Mongoose ships worldwide using DHL. Visit to place your orders and learn more about the organization.

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