The Lightfoot Zambia Travel Bag

Lightfoot, is a leading creative force in Zambia, producing fine leather goods, as well as bespoke furniture and homewares.

Sourcing the finest Zambian leather, we craft bags and travel accessories that capture the uniqueness of each hide, and create pieces that are as much at home on dusty adventures, as they are being toted on round the big city streets.

Our XL Travel Bag for example, with its buttery soft leather, quality stitching and a double zip for safety, allows you the room you need to confidently pick your path, whether it’s well- worn or less travelled.

Our clients walk with ‘Light Feet,’ because they can trust in our quality and celebrate their ethically sourced pieces, which are inspired by Zambia’s wild and wonderful spirit.

Tips to take care of your leather bag

  • To help maintain its shape, do not overstuff your bag.
  • Store your bag away from direct sunlight and keep it somewhere with low humidity.
  • Dust and clean your bag with a cloth or soft brush, preferably on a weekly basis.
  • Apply leather conditioner to keep your bag soft and supple.

How much?

Available for K3,600 ($200)

Find Lightfoot Zambia

Lightfoot Zambia, Sugarbush Farm, Leopards Hill Road, Lusaka
+260 978 047 773

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