The Heart of Africa Body Balm By Skin Africa

It all started in 2011 with a bar of soap and a love for Africa’s healing plants. What was initially meant for family use quickly became a passion project for the entire family, especially for the two women who own and still run it today.

SKIN Africa has grown into three different companies – SKIN Africa Cosmetics, Simply SKIN, and SKIN Spa. SKIN Africa Cosmetics’ mission is to create natural and uncomplicated cosmetics for the face and body, using African oils and herbs developed for the different needs of individual skin types.

SKIN Spa opened its doors in 2015 at Sandy’s Creations, working with SKIN Africa Cosmetics to combine luxury spa treatments with a truly indulgent pampering experience.

The SKIN group is proudly Zambian and filled with the conviction that Africa’s resources have a lot to offer to the world. One of its signature products is the Heart of Africa Body Balm, which is not just 100 percent natural but also offers a unique and luxurious body treatment in all spas or for self-care at home. The SKIN group pays homage to Africa with this luscious body balm. All the oils and kinds of butter used to create it, including the mafura butter, are sourced from Southern Africa. These ingredients are blended to celebrate Africa and its natural beauty. The body balm is rich and deeply hydrating, preventing dryness, improving elasticity, and leaving skin silky smooth.

In line with their mission and vision, SKIN Africa and its SPAs empower their female Zambian employees through continuous training to become the best in their field.

SKIN, as it is commonly known, is a fast-growing community within Zambia and intends to spread its wings across the continent and beyond. ujkgbuhycfdcfxd

SKIN Africa’s top tips

  • Be gentle on your skin. Any harsh treatment will result in more bad than good, regardless of skin type. 
  • Consume a healthy diet; this way, you’ll nourish your skin from the inside out.
  • Use a toner (to provide additional cleansing and restore balance and hydration after you wash your face) and sunscreen (to protect against the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays).

Find SKIN Africa Cosmetics

SKIN Cosmetics products can be found at the SKIN Spa at Sandy’s Creations, Lusaka Collective, The Pantry (Leopards Hill), Bush Spa in Mfuwe, Tribal Textiles, and Umoyo stores in Lusaka and Kitwe.

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Online store:

SKIN Spa – Sandy’s Creations: 0965800890

SKIN Spa – The Quorum: 0763589041

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