The Dong Bei Console:
Reclaiming Nature With Saucy Mukosa

Discover the Dong Bei console, a design marvel by Saucy Mukosa that is a testament to sophistication. Crafted by Mulenga Udie Soko, the console began as an entrance adornment for a 1970s-style Lusaka bungalow, evolving into a vintage-inspired masterpiece that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity.

Drawing from ancient oriental furniture techniques and Zambian artistry, the Dong Bei console embraces culture and sustainability. Crafted from reclaimed Zambian wood, its journey from a winged silhouette to a contemporary design showcases meticulous detailing.

Featuring rich natural burls and warm red tones, the two-tone console boasts an unmistakable oriental allure. The winged trim pays homage to traditional Asian silhouettes, adding a layer of cultural richness to any space. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the console becomes a canvas for creative expression when adorned with books, vessels, lamps, and greenery.

Rooted in vintage architectural design, the Dong Bei console invites users to explore texture, pattern, curves, and lines in their living spaces. Saucy Mukosa’s commitment to nature-inspired aesthetics transforms spaces into simple yet elevated environments with a profound cultural resonance. As a conversation starter, the Dong Bei console exemplifies Saucy Mukosa’s dedication to infusing homes with meaningful design experiences.

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Caring for Wood Furniture

1. Keep wood clean by dusting with a soft dry cloth regularly.

2. Prevent moisture damage by using coasters and avoiding high humidity areas.

3. Preserve its lustre with occasional conditioning using wood oil such as tung oil.

About Saucy Mukosa

A proudly Zambian, woman-owned studio designing and handcrafting earthy pieces for the eco-conscious.

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No. 4 Embassy Drive Ibex Hill, Lusaka

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