The Chisuwo Plate
By Afrikolor

Meet the Chisuwo Plate, the crowning jewel of Afrikolor’s pottery venture that honours the rich heritage of owner Josephine Chisuwo Murru.

Afrikolor’s story began in the early nineties when Josephine, an experienced tailor, ventured into experimental batik-making due to the lack of quality fabrics in Lusaka. Her fabrics gained popularity, and soon Afrikolor started exporting to the United States, Germany, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe.

 Despite facing challenges from fabric shortages caused by local textile closures, Afrikolor continued to provide memorable service to its clients. To sustain growth, they explored other creative avenues, leading to their flourishing pottery venture.

Today, Afrikolor offers a diverse range of handmade household products, with the Chisuwo Plate taking the spotlight. Named after the owner, “chisuwo” means basket in the Tonga language, representing her heritage. The Tonga basket is a cherished tradition in Tonga households, providing income for vulnerable women in villages.

 These unique, dishwasher-safe plates come in a variety of colours and designs, perfect for everyday household use. Travellers can even take them home professionally packed for hassle-free transportation.

From humble beginnings to becoming synonymous with handmade pottery, Afrikolor’s journey exemplifies creativity, quality, and a celebration of Zambian heritage through the Chisuwo Plate.


ZMW 400 per plate.


Afrikolor handcrafts bespoke made-to-order plates, serving dishes, coil burners, candle holders, mugs and various household products. You can visit them for a design consultation.


Afrikolor also organises pottery classes, where adults and children have the opportunity of making their own items.


The Village, Leopard’s Hill Road.

+260 977772980

+260 977331164

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