Proflight Takes Flight With Ambitious Fleet Expansion

Zambia’s leading airline is soaring into an exciting new era of growth by expanding its fleet with additional aircraft to cater to passenger and cargo needs.

The move will more than double the airline’s seat capacity.

The expansion marks a milestone for Proflight Zambia and promises to enhance its connectivity, capacity, and service offerings.

Director of Flight Operations Captain Josias Walubita states, “We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our fleet, as it represents our dedication to serving our passengers with increased convenience, comfort, and choice.”

The latest additions to Proflight Zambia’s fleet include an additional J41 aircraft, which is now fully operational on the airline’s domestic routes, a valuable addition to the fleet, enhancing the airline’s domestic operations and providing passengers with more options.

September brought an exciting development with the arrival of a fourth-passenger CRJ aircraft. This addition further bolstered the fleet, enabling Proflight to continue serving domestic and South African routes with increased frequency and convenience.

The introduction of its first-ever CRJ Parcel Freighter aircraft the same month showcases Proflight Zambia’s versatility and commitment to meeting diverse transportation needs. This cargo aircraft will be used for cargo charters and scheduled cargo flights. The move marks a significant milestone for Proflight, underscoring a dedication to expanding its services beyond traditional passenger travel.

This fleet expansion translates into increased capacity and improved customer connectivity, enhancing travel options. These additions have significantly increased the fleet’s total seating capacity to 460, a substantial leap from 205 in 2022 and 137 in 2019, before the impact of the COVID pandemic.

As Proflight Zambia’s fleet reaches new heights, the airline remains steadfast in its promise to offer safe, reliable, and comfortable travel experiences. The fleet expansion signals Proflight Zambia’s resolve to meet the evolving needs of passengers and cargo clients while also contributing to the growth and development of Zambia’s aviation sector.

“With the imminent arrival of new aircraft and a future marked by expansion, Proflight Zambia is poised to continue providing exceptional air travel services, connecting people and places,”

Captain Walubita concluded. 

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