Proflight Announces Arrival of Third Regional Jet

Proflight Zambia has announced the arrival of its third CRJ aircraft that will allow the nation’s regional airline to increase capacity on both its international and domestic routes.

With demand for travel expected to grow at a strong pace in the coming year, Proflight Zambia is investing in its jet fleet to offer more comfort and speed for its customers.

The Bombardier CRJ jets have so far proved to be an excellent aircraft for the airline, being able to operate profitably and efficiently in both domestic and international markets. Proflight Zambia plans to increase its capacity in 2023 once the aircraft is put on the Zambian register.

The jet is the second 50-seater Bombardier CRJ200 that Proflight has leased from Avmax Leasing, a prominent Canadian leasing company that specialises in leasing Canadian-manufactured aircraft.

“Proflight Zambia is excited to add another jet aircraft to its fleet thanks to Avmax our ideal leasing partner. We have been very pleased with Avmax’s ability to work with us and understand our needs as an airline. It’s a great comfort knowing that we can count on Avmax to consistently deliver a quality product from their North American MRO facilities,” said Tony Irwin, Proflight Zambia CEO.

Scott Greig, Avmax senior VP, and head of Avmax Aircraft Leasing Inc stated: “Avmax is excited to deliver its second CRJ200 to our customer, Proflight Zambia. Proflight has demonstrated great performance and measured growth over the past year, and as such, they have been a leading contributor to the increase in Zambia’s international arrivals in 2022.

“The CRJ200 is perfectly built to serve Proflight Zambia’s customers in Southern Africa as it allows them to offer additional flights and destinations from its base in Lusaka,” added Greig.

Mr. Irwin thanked Move Aircraft Solutions Ltd for delivering on another challenging ferry journey that involves multiple parties, specialized routes, and following very high standards of safety and efficiency. The new CRJ200 made its way from Calgary, Canada to Lusaka, Zambia. From Calgary, it made its way it passed through Great Falls, Montana, Goose Bay, Canada, Keflavik, Iceland – Southampton, UK – Algiers, Algeria- N’Djamena, Chad- Lusaka, Zambia.

“Following a very strong cooperation and relationship formed from our first delivery, the professional and experienced management at Proflight Zambia turned to Move Aircraft Flight Solutions to deliver their third CRJ 200 from America to Lusaka,” highlighted Nabeel Ahemed CEO and Accountable Manager of Move Aircraft Solutions Ltd.

Proflight Zambia’s Maintenance Director, Oliver Ndlovu, also accompanied a team from the Zambia Civil Aviation Authority ZCAA in October to inspect the aircraft at its base in Montana, USA and thanked the ZCAA for their assistance in this approval process.

With the addition of the new aircraft, Proflight Zambia’s total fleet increases to seven aircraft.

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