Lunch at Latitude 15
An Afternoon of Culinary Brilliance

The first thing that will take your breath away about Latitude 15 degrees hotel is the ambience, it exudes an Afropolitan atmosphere that is thoroughly breathtaking. The foyer has chairs and chandeliers from Malawi, vases and tabletops from Morocco, the door frames and doors from India and Sri Lanka. The decor encompasses diverse regions of the world.

I sat outside, my table overlooking the serene and relaxing garden space, the warm sun hitting my skin. At my request, the head chef, Tobia picked my three courses for the day.

As an appetizer, Chef Tobia ordered me calamari rings battered in Mosi (a local beer), accompanied with a spicy aioli sauce. The portion size was massive; well aware of my upcoming courses, I ate half of my plate and restrained myself further. The calamari rings paired perfectly with my glass of Chenin blanc, an expert recommendation from Chef Tobia.

The show stopper of courses was the main meal: crisp, pan-seared salmon which sat pretty on a bed of mashed potatoes cooked in double cream and butter, sauteed vegetables and truffle hollandaise sauce. My main was paired with a chilled glass of sauvignon blanc. Just as with the calamari, the freshness of the salmon exceeded my expectations. The hollandaise sauce elevated and the already exquisite salmon fillet. I took slow bites of the mashed potatoes, savouring their rich and smooth consistency.

To end the afternoon, the sweet course was Kahlúa tiramisu, a coffee liquor flavour and marshmallow rocky tarte, nicely finished with a thick dusting of cocoa powder. The tiramisu was light, smooth, and almost cloudlike with an ideal ratio of sponge to cream and a well-balanced coffee and liqueur flavour.

I thoroughly enjoyed every single bite from every meal. Latitude 15 provided me with a fantastic experience, the ambience is welcoming and effortlessly charming. They have amazing wines, food and service. The

staff is extremely knowledgeable and makes great recommendations.

Ambience and Décor

Latitude 15 is a gorgeous boutique hotel set in a tranquil, lush green corner of Lusaka. The vibe is relaxing, elegant and luxurious. Art and design plays a central role with an eclectic range of pieces from Zambia and the region, these include stunning paintings, photographs, grand chandeliers and carvings.

The Cuisine

Latitude 15 has two restaurants serving dishes from Zambia and across the globe. Both restaurants have an extensive wine list from South Africa and Europe.

The restaurant has a very high standard that takes care of its raw materials, uses temperature techniques and timing, everything is tested and controlled to ensure that each plate maintains the highest quality. Latitude 15 maintains high standards and serves meals made from only the freshest ingredients possible.

Where is it?

Latitude 15°

Leopards Lane

Kabulonga, Lusaka

30 minutes from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport and 20 minutes from the CBD

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