Inside Mukalya Private Game Reserve:
Embracing a Wildlife and Conservation Mission

Nestled amidst the untamed beauty of the Lower Zambezi, Mukalya Private Game Reserve is a luxury, eco-friendly bush experience commanding breathtaking views of the mighty Zambezi River. The sanctuary is situated in a prime locale, directly across the renowned Hurungwe Safari Area. Here, the natural world comes alive, allowing for sightings of gentle elephants, lions, imposing buffalo, and myriads of wildlife species. Adding to the allure, the silent early mornings and evenings are filled with the magical symphony of laughing hyenas, grunting lions, and snorting hippos.

What sets Mukalya Private Game Reserve apart is its pristine surroundings and the deliberate absence of masses of tourists. The reserve creates a safe haven for guests of all ages to enjoy safari ventures, interact with wildlife, and experience a serene and luxurious stay. The reserve boasts a distinct advantage with the absence of predators lurking on it, making it ideal for athletic and active guests wanting to immerse themselves in nature with an invigorating jog or walk.

Accommodating an exclusive group of just 18 guests in nine distinctly designed rooms, Mukalya ensures an unparalleled opportunity to experience the bush in an intimate setting with all the lavish attention to detail. The grand entrance and eclectic central living spaces greet visitors with breathtaking vistas of the Zambezi River. The main dining area, elegantly perched on the banks of the river, offers alfresco dining and fresh air, maximising your connection with nature. 

The architectural ethos of the reserve pays homage to the region’s natural beauty. Every facet of the design incorporates natural elements that blend seamlessly into the landscape. The walls are adorned with local pebble work, and the warm wooden features are sourced from nearby woodlands, forging a harmonious connection between nature and luxury.

Every stay at Mukalya is an active participation and experience of a remarkably successful conservation project. An endeavour spanning decades which resurrected the land to the former glory of the rich biodiversity for which the area was once renowned. Reversing the impact of human activities spanning over half a century required immense patience, expertise, ingenuity, and investment from the founding family. 

Each step required careful planning to ensure sufficient space, sustenance, and water sources for the animals to thrive whilst managing the delicate balance between the local community and the newly reintroduced wildlife to foster a harmonious co-existence.

As a Zambian-owned and managed property, the reserve gives back to the local community by providing employment opportunities, education, and community service initiatives. The local clinics and schools are beneficiaries of the reserve’s commitment to ensuring a timeless legacy. 


Accessible throughout the year via motorway, Mukalya is 180km south of Lusaka on the banks of the Upper Lower Zambezi, a few kilometres downstream from the world-famous Kariba Gorge. It is situated 148km upstream of the Lower Zambezi National Park.

What to Experience?

· Experience early morning walking safaris or drives while the air is still crisp and fresh, or experience an educational, serene 10km hike to the nearby hot springs.

· Relax body and mind at the Mukalya Spa as you destress in the glass-front sauna with magnificent riverfront views.

· Discover the hidden beauty of the Kariba Gorge on an adventurous boat cruise up to the dam wall, or cast your rod into the vast open waters of the Zambezi and try your luck luring in the famous Tiger Fish. 

· From September to November, enjoy a Chirp and Sip sundowner while watching the Southern Carmine Bee Eaters descend on the valley, or grab a pair of binoculars and enjoy the magnificent birdlife with hundreds of species to identify.

Booking & Contact Details

Call & WhatsApp: +260 951591978

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