Iconic African Gin
Handcrafted with Zambian Passion and Swiss Precision

After travelling through Eastern and Southern Africa, Nathaly and Gue Wagner chose Zambia as their home, drawn to the country by its beauty and friendliness. At Nagwaza Farm, they found friends and a new place to call home. Here, the journey to produce a world-class artisanal gin started and Iconic African Gin was born.

Africa’s natural environment gave them access to its pantry of handpicked roots, herbs, and berries to create this unique gin, handcrafted in the smallest batches. This unique gin is distilled on the bases of molasses. It contains the natural flavour of 20 different handpicked botanicals, 17 of which are collected from the African continent, with 14 coming from Zambia, making the production a genuinely Iconic African Gin.

The bottles are adorned with a beautiful piece of art painted by the Zambian artist Nukwase Tembo. A beautiful woman graces every bottle of Iconic African Gin. Her ‘forest hair’ symbolises the source of the botanicals used in the gin. Her clothes, make-up and leaves are painted using Zambia’s national colours. If you look closely at her eyes, you will see that one is done using the colours of Zambia, and the other is done using the colours of Switzerland, the gin’s creators’ original home. Symbolising the company motto “Handcrafted with Zambian Passion and Swiss Precision”.

Whether you are exploring the African bush or sightseeing and shopping in Lusaka. A gin and tonic is the perfect sundowner, and there’s no better gin to use than one handcrafted in Zambia, infused with the very flavour and essence of the country.

How to drink the Iconic African Gin

Plain or make a gin and tonic

Try to taste it just plain as a sipping gin with an ice cube. You might be surprised. If you prefer a G&T, mix identical amounts of gin and tonic, and add one ice cube. Don’t add garnish; we know it’s fashionable but not necessary with an artisan gin. 

Or try a gin royal

Only two ingredients make it most important to use the best you can get! 

1 – 3 cl Iconic African Gin

 10 cl MCC sparkling wine rosé or brut

 If you want to have it fancy: add a blossom or a maraschino cherry 

Top up with sparkling water, lemon slice and maraschino cherry 

For the fancier and aficionado

Aperitivo “Iconic African”

6 cl Iconic African Gin 

2.5 cl grapefruit juice 

2.5 cl sugar syrup (1:1) Ice 

Top up with sparkling wine or sparkling water


The retailers are independently setting the price. Please check with them.


It’s only found at the best-assorted wine and spirits shops in Zambia.

All the best lodges, bars and restaurants which support Zambian products serve this gin.

Contact +260 961 100 607 for more information on distributors and shops stocking Iconic African Gin.

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