My name is Gareth Vidmar and I’m a Zambian photographer and videographer. I’ve always had a passion for nature, travel and capturing the wonders Zambia has to offer. I find pleasure in being able to share the beauty of our lovely country with others and inspiring people to get out there and explore Zambia

One of my favourite things is when someone looks at something I’ve shot and says in disbelief, “Wow, is this really Zambia? This can’t be Zambia!” I draw a lot of inspiration from being able to surprise people and showcase places that they don’t always know about or even believe are here.

The general growth of our local tourism industry is a big driving force for me as well and so I try to plan and photograph adventures as frequently as I can. I hope that over the years I can visit places continuously and keep inspiring others to travel to our country more.

Adventures don’t always have to break the bank. There are plenty of different options depending on your budget and preferences. But let me say this, I don’t regret any of the time or money that I’ve spent on travelling around Zambia. I’ve made precious memories and told stories with my camera and hopefully created content that makes others want to do the same.

Kayaking the clear blue water around Isanga Bay, Lake Tanganyika.
A misty sunrise in Kasanka National Park. Definitely a place worth visiting, especially during the bat migration which runs from October to December every year.
Isanga Bay and its neighbouring beach.
The beachfront at Isanga Bay Lodge
Sunset over the Kafue River, just upstream from the Zambezi confluence.
Lumangwe Falls along the Kalungwishi River. At about 30 to 40 metres high and 160 metres wide, Lumangwe Falls is the largest waterfall wholly within Zambia.
Team Njobvu making their way through the gauntlet at last year’s Fuchs Elephant Charge.

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