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I Think You’re Doing LinkedIn All Wrong?

As much as I despise social media with all my heart and soul, I’d be hard-pressed to argue that it doesn’t offer a decent measurement of where human civilisation’s at. Because where we’re at isn’t great, I’d probably be the one making the case. Without over-analysing your niece’s recent foray into TikTok, or even yours, or how much time I consume watching other people’s cats groom themselves, we’re in a sorry state. Too often, a person with half-decent internet access is an aggressor or harasser, and somewhere on the horizon, an outspoken billionaire is riding a rocket into all remaining propriety — so that said person can aggress and harass some more. I sometimes wonder what happened to all the good times, when good manners were a core feature on Twitter, when three or four people in this country had Facebook, and it was but a massive, shapeless void into which random internet ramblers went: “Hello? Is anyone actually there?” I missed when LinkedIn used to be a place you just went to look for a change of scenery.

And this is where you come in. 

I logged into LinkedIn the other day — okay, I lie, it was five minutes ago — because that particular app is a tireless temptress. Constantly swearing it has something important to say when it turns out it’s only you: informing everyone your life is amazing, that you are moving up in the world, or that it’s such a blessing to happen upon such and such morsel of common sense. There are no good old days to remember on LinkedIn because it was always a poorly designed CV that you have now appropriated into a sophisticated selfie machine; where you can link your need to self-portray to an announcement of privilege; a promotion, a profit, a raise, that capitalism is not simultaneously gifting us all. 

Can you imagine what it’d be like to sit around your social graph, just your LinkedIn one, at a dinner table? Gawd.

“Hey, I got my master’s degree the other day! Look at my face!”

“Hey, I happened upon this amazing quote by Bill Gates/Jeff Bezos/Elon Musk/Tim Cook/An Insanely Wealthy White Man that may or may not apply to your current work situation. Look at my face!”

“Hey, let’s check if this thing that’s trending on Facebook — eg. Will Smith assaulting Chris Rock at the Oscars — has any corporate or professional value here on LinkedIn. (Look at my face?).”

“Hey, I just landed this amazing job, and it’s quite clear I’m landing an equally amazing promotion in no time at all. Look at my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!”

Let’s get a few things clear:

• If I actually wanted to read quotes from Insanely Wealthy White Men, I’d read their biographies, and there’s a reason I haven’t ordered those. I prefer books that contain witty people, talking foxes, and tycoons with real fangs.

• When you take a selfie that helps objectify your presence on a platform packaged as ‘professional’, it’s not dissimilar to slipping into my DMs on a platform packaged as ‘professional’. 

• If you’re going to share things anyway (memes with career advice that contain quotes by Insanely Wealthy White Men), could you at least make sure the pixelation’s on point? Low-grade images and videos make my eyes tear up and prompt me to shake my phone — in an attempt to shift around the metadata, I guess, the way one might shift around the cells in a bottle of Minute Maid. 

• Instead of taking another selfie or carefully orchestrated portrait, what if you slyly wrote a three-paragraph dig at your boss or one of your co-workers and disguised the whole thing as ‘thought leadership? Now that I’d read, even if there weren’t any talking foxes. 

Oh, and, um, Team LinkedIn: could you make it so that I don’t have to go on treasure hunts for my ‘Saved Items’ when I save a groovy news item, and could you maybe tell me how long this or that stranger stared vacantly at my profile for? 

I’ll see you all on the other side. 

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