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Growing up in Zambia, I was fortunate to have numerous opportunities to explore the flora and fauna of this spectacular region of Africa. Between the capital city of Lusaka, where I grew up, and the numerous trips to various national parks in Southern Africa, I appreciated the glaring contrasts at a young age; ecological, physical, visual, but mental as well. The serenity of these vast lands always struck me and it was exciting to spot the wildlife. This excitement was heightened when I found photography (or rather, when photography found me).

Amish’s goal with my photography is not only to showcase the beauty of African wildlife, but to bring the viewers closer to these magnificent species and their natural habitat through his visuals. I use the medium of photography to invoke the emotions depicted by both the subject and myself through my own creative lens, whether through interactions, mannerisms or nature’s circle of life. Photography is an important component in conservation and as such, I donate my visuals, my time with specific conservation organisations and give a proportion of any photography income to these organisations. *Born and raised in Zambia, Amish Chhagan is an award-winning photographer. Amish is currently based in Spain but makes regular visits to Zambia and other countries in Southern and East Africa. You can follow Chags Photography on Instagram.

Drooling over me

The Maasai Mara oozes moments to be captured, from big cats and live-action to the migration herds. It’s sometimes easy to forget the tranquillity of the savannah plains and the calmer species.

The stare of death          

With rage, hunger and opportunism after an unsuccessful kill, this lioness strides towards me head-on, eye to lens.


These lioness sisters share an intimate moment, deep in the heart of the Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia. We have a lot more in common with the animal kingdom than we realise, more mannerisms and traits than just beating hearts; one of them is the ability to show and feel love.

A mother’s love

A mother’s love can’t be explained, can’t be reasoned or described. It just hits you to the core, it is instant and strong. It is transformative.

Conserving beauty         

It is a photographer’s dream to witness the beautiful early morning golden sidelight combined with Africa’s most majestic creature.

An eye for a mane

Old, one-eyed, battle-scarred but still the king. Mane intact, groomed and styled for this photo shoot. His name was King Benna, former ruler of the Black Rock Pride in the Maasai Mara.

The A-Team

This photo summarises the rarity and fortune of this moment in the history of our understanding of cheetah’s and their behaviours. Known as the Tano Bora in the Maasai Mara, a five-cheetah coalition is virtually unheard of, combined with the decreasing number of these beautiful big cats – one must stop, witness and watch.

A brother’s love

“My brother is my only best friend. No one can replace him.” The most intimate moments in nature are what connect us sapiens so closely to the animal kingdom, creating similar emotions to those we experience with the closest around us.

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