The story of Barloworld Equipment Zambia Limited is one of success, longevity and high-performing products.

Ms. Mfikeyi Makayi
Barloworld Zambia Country Manager

With over 100 years of operations in Africa, the firm is backed by Johannesburg Stock Exchange-listed Barloworld Limited, a R62 billion company with secondary listings on the London and Namibian Stock exchanges.

Having entered the Zambian market in 1994 taking over the Caterpillar dealership from Mazembe Tractor Company, Barloworld’s past 26 years as an operator investor has seen the business expand its presence in the primary sectors of mining and construction.

“Our fixed presence in Lusaka, Kitwe, Solwezi, Lumwana and Kalumbila has consolidated our support to these industries as well as the Zambian people over the last two decades,” Barloworld Zambia Country Manager Mfikeyi Makayi told Nkwazi.
Barloworld Zambia is cognizant of the socio-economic reforms put in place by Zambia’s first president Dr Kenneth Kaunda. Reforms which laid the foundation for the future success of Barloworld Zambia today.

But over and beyond political freedom, Dr Kaunda wanted to achieve economic emancipation and improve the welfare of ordinary citizens through an enormous drive to accelerate investment especially, in the fields of mining and construction.

Dr Kaunda’s investments in Zambians laid the foundation on which Zambians across the country can build on today.
“KK’s mining policies were multi-faceted, in retrospect with good intention during difficult times. Firstly, of key note and success to this day was KK was very deliberate about education policies for Zambians. He ensured a deliberate policy that the Zambian people attained the best international education & exposure in running the mining sector through scholarships without discrimination or prejudice, Zambians were sponsored to universities globally by ZCCM with the view that they returned to work in the mining industry. Many Zambians today are known globally for their expertise in the fields of copper mining, engineering, geology and metallurgy.

Secondly, the 1969 Mulungushi and Matero Reforms significantly shaped the future of Zambia’s mining policy with the formation of ZIMCO and MINDECO. The intention was to maximize the sector’s economic potential & drive development,” Makayi noted, “it coincided with tumultuous times in independence struggles in southern Africa, with Zambia as a key frontline state.

As a result, Zambia became and remains one of the world’s largest copper producers and the second largest producer on the African continent (behind the Democratic Republic of Congo). Copper is the mainstay of the country’s economy and has been for almost a century.

The Barloworld country manager highlighted that KK’s One Zambia, One Nation motto which is embedded in
every Zambian’s mind has kept Zambia a peaceful and inclusive nation that has never experienced war. “This element of his leadership has shaped how we lead our business in Barloworld by reinforcing inclusion, having dialogue and appreciating differences.”

In this context, Barloworld’s consistency in delivering quality construction and mining equipment to the earthmoving industry has contributed to the growth of the country’s mining industry

In 2014, Barloworld solidified and affirmed its investment commitments by increasing its footprint North Western and Copperbelt provinces constructing a $14million facility in Kitwe, which comprises of a world class training facility, component rebuild centre and 10,000m2 warehouse to ensure adequate support to the mining operations in the Copperbelt and North Western provinces.

In the construction sector, whether one is in a residential or non-residential building, infrastructure or road construction, Barloworld Equipment’s best machinery and power generation equipment in Southern Africa – including 35 different types of work-tools ensure quality after sale service to all its paraphernalia.

“We seek to support projects that will ensure access to local and international markets with ease as the expansion of our road infrastructure is cardinal to boosting regional trade and with eight neighbours to become a land-linked country,” Makayi stated

Barloworld will always remember Kaunda for creating a solid foundation for the country’s development program which the firm renowned for its Cat earthmoving machines is happy to be associated with.

“Over the last 26 years, favourable mining policies encouraged mine operator’s exploration programmes into the
North Western Province as our primary clients invested in new equipment which consequently meant increased opportunities to create employment and growth for Barloworld as well as to support the sector,” Makayi noted.

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