Baobab: Leading from the Heart 

For nearly 30 years, Baobab College has been known to be an exemplar amongst primary (now middle) and secondary school educational institutions in Zambia. This prestigious school hosts an impressive number of multicultural and diverse members of students and staff, representing over forty nationalities. 

A warm and enriched community exists both in the school and the surrounding areas. Where these varying cultures are embraced, children are able to thrive and find a way to connect with one another beyond the dynamics of education. This value is embedded in the culture at the school and is reinforced during P.S.H.E. lessons, which are part of the weekly timetable.

Baobab recognises the importance of looking beyond the classroom and ensuring that the school creates an environment that accommodates students’ needs. The school has a picturesque setting and offers extra-curricular activities that allow students to explore sports and creative outlets. This clearly has an impact on their overall well-being. Baobab Principal, Ruth Noble adds, “We have purposely created a well-being foundation to encompass today’s fast-changing world, in order to prepare our students for the future.”

Over the past two years, the Baobab community has also planted 711 trees to contribute to the rise of deforestation within the country, whilst ensuring that students have understood the importance of protecting the country’s natural environment.

Recently, Baobab College recognized the conservation initiative of The Elephant Charge,  an annual 4×4 family-friendly event. Over the years, the success of the Elephant Charge has allowed for funds to be distributed to effective conservation organizations working across the country. An annual fundraiser has the main focus on “conservation through education.“ 

With this initiative in mind, a few weeks ago, South African singing ambassadors, The Drakensberg Boys Choir, who have an aligned incentive, were invited to visit and perform at Baobab College. The school hosted an afternoon matinee, bringing together a local community choir for an intensive singing workshop with the Baobab Choir and the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir. All three choirs collaborated to learn classic Zambian songs and performed them for guests.

The Drakensberg Boys’ Choir further collaborated with Baobab College in the interests of conservation. Together, the schools endeavored to create awareness and raise funds for wildlife conservation in Zambia. With such a clear goal and understanding of the importance of conservation, it was an honor for Baobab College to host the Drakensberg Boys Choir and to support them in this environmental cause led by The Elephant Charge.  

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