Baobab College:
A Pioneer Incorporating AI and Shaping The Future of Education in Zambia

There is no denying that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now a prominent part of modern life. AI tools like ChatGPT, Jasper, Lirio and many more have increased in popularity and are used in various industries such as healthcare, agriculture, finance and now education.

Baobab College, an educational institution situated along Kafue Road, has incorporated technology and AI into its curriculum and learning strategies. This is unprecedented in Zambia and has already proven to be a more engaging method to teach concepts and enhance the learning experience.

At a press briefing held on 22nd September 2023, Mr Turner, Baobab’s Head of Academics, discussed Baobab’s vision for the future of education and how AI is being seamlessly integrated into the classroom.

Technological and AI tools such as Bee-Bots and Virtual Reality (VR) headsets are already being used in everyday learning. Picture this: you are in a biology class, learning about the human heart and how it functions, and through the VR headsets, you have a realistic 360-degree view of the heart that enables you to observe and interact with the ventricles, atriums and the blood flowing through them. This is undoubtedly a more fascinating way to learn.

Bee-Bots, on the other hand, are robots designed specifically for use by young children and are perfect tools for teaching coding, sequencing, problem-solving and teamwork.

AI has the potential to resolve some of the challenges in education today because it adapts to a student’s learning style, enabling them to assimilate concepts better and ultimately enhancing the learning experience.

Baobab recognises the concerns surrounding AI usage, such as addiction, detachment from reality and lack of emotion and has taken measures to address these concerns. Mr Turner stated that Baobab intends to implement a human-centred approach to AI. This means AI will not replace the teachers but rather aid them in giving learners a well-rounded education. In addition, Baobab will continue to operate within the prescribed guidelines and limit learners’ exposure to the various AI tools.

AI is undeniably the future of education, and because of its ability to adapt content and delivery methods to a learner’s unique learning style, we anticipate that more schools across Zambia will be looking to incorporate it into their curricula.

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