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Baobab College, set on a picturesque and tranquil campus, is one of Zambia’s most prestigious international schools. Established in 1994 with only 34 students and three teachers, the school now has more than 600 students that make up its thriving and multicultural student community. Baobab has always served its community by responding to the needs of its students, staff and parents.

Principal Ruth Noble shares, “One of my favourite phrases is ‘A happy child learns well.’ This philosophy underpins everything that we do at Baobab; our goal is to create an environment where students feel very confident and happy. We do this by putting the child at the centre of the decisions we make and what we do. Our school is very community-minded, we communicate with our parents and work with them, because a child is not brought up just by the parents, school has a very big role to play.

We strongly believe in pastoral care and in line with this, we will be opening a wellness centre, fully staffed with people equipped to assist the children. We will provide a safe area where students can go if they face challenges during the school day, feel overwhelmed or need support.”

Baobab stands out for its multifaceted curriculum offering many subjects, including creative subjects such as design technology, art and food technology. The school also offers vocational subjects such as travel and tourism and agriculture. Another unique aspect of Baobab is their robust sports programme, underpinned by the belief that physical education promotes good mental health, team work and sportsmanship. Baobab regularly participates in the Independent Schools Association of Zambia sports competitions and galas.

Equipped with excellent Information Technology facilities the school is firmly ahead in integrating technology into the classroom. With their virtual learning environment, Firefly, students can go online and log into their accounts to access their assignments and other resources.

Baobab has a strong vision for the future and will be structuring a new middle school that will focus on the special developmental stage from ages 9 to 13, from childhood through adolescence and into senior education. Previously the school saw Year 5 and 6 as a transition phase into secondary school. However, they are now taking that a step further to include Year 7 and 8 to enable a smoother transition, laying the foundations for senior level examination studies.

The school offers a gold star A-Level programme that allows students the flexibility to study for AS (Year 12) and then transition to university in countries such as Zambia and South Africa. Many students prefer to stay in school for Year 13 – to complete the full A-Level (A2). This provides a platform in which students can access universities around the world. At Baobab students have two tutorial sessions a week, one is focused on careers, and one is focusing on other aspects of preparing students for life after school. From preparing application forms, to writing personal statements and ensuring students have the correct English language qualification (IELTS), Baobab is actively involved in supporting students as they prepare for university.

Baobab has the broadest range of subjects of any school in Zambia. Students have gone on to all corners of the world to study a wide range of courses, with alumni currently found at universities in Zambia, the UK, Europe, India, China, South Africa, Australia, the USA and Canada. Baobab College is a diverse community made up of 40 nationalities and the school has been recognised for its achievements not only in Zambia but around the world. Principal Noble shares, “This year marks an extraordinary landmark for one of history’s longest-standing monarchs, Queen Elizabeth II. For this occasion, St James’s House Publishers are producing a coffee-table book entitled Her Majesty the Queen: The Official Platinum Jubilee Pageant Commemorative Album. It will showcase a range of aligned organisations, all selected for their transformational contribution across the spheres of culture, society, technology, and business.

Baobab College is honoured that we have been invited to be featured in this book. In June 2022, our school and our Parents and Teachers Committee will host community and educational events and will carry the torch for celebrations to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We are immensely proud of the journey we have travelled so far and as we look towards the future; we look forward to celebrating our community, our school, and our children as we mark these events.”

The commitment to ensuring that the students take centre stage, are supported and given the opportunity to thrive is truly what makes Baobab a remarkable learning environment. Baobab is a strong network and community that consistently supports its students, parents and staff.

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