Leading Conversations for The Future of Education

Baobab College, a leading educational institute in the southern suburbs of Lusaka, has taken bold steps in addressing pressing topics in education with ‘Conversations of the Future’, their ground-breaking three-part podcast series. Baobab College has captivated audiences and sparked meaningful conversations among educators, mental health professionals, parents, and students on the pressing topics that impact the future of education.

The podcast’s moderator, Chana Musakanya-Cataldi, explains that the first episode delves into the future of education and its rapidly evolving landscape with discussions by a panel of prominent educational experts. The second episode focuses on well-being and mental health, shedding light on the challenges and difficulties faced in an increasingly complex and digital world. By highlighting concerns and putting forward strategies, esteemed healthcare providers Medland Hospital, Renaissance Centre, Extend Care, SES, Kabelenga Family Hospital, and UTH are joining forces with Baobab College to highlight the importance of championing wellness for students, staff, and parents. Dr Mohamed Sahili, Chief Visionary Officer at Medland Hospital, emphasized the importance of working in deliberate tandem with rapidly advancing technology while still nurturing our human relationships.

Baobab College is at the forefront of reimagining education and empowering conversations for listeners that contribute to a better educational future for all students.

The important steps in prioritising the holistic well-being of students, staff, parents, and the wider community is evidenced by the WeBB (Well-Being Baobab), a welcoming and inclusive well-being center, created on the school’s beautiful campus in 2022. Laura Stokes, Co-Acting Principal and Head of pastoral care oversee the WeBB center. The center also has a dedicated professional counsellor, Mrs Sehrish Khan, who supports Baobab staff, families, and over 670 students aged 2 to 18. With the WeBB, the school’s students have full access to seek support for their mental and emotional well-being whenever needed. By recognizing the interconnectedness of academic success and emotional well-being, Baobab students are fostering a sense of ownership and agency about their well-being that develops the necessary emotional resilience and self-awareness to thrive in the modern world.

As the third episode of this innovative podcast series is hotly anticipated, it remains that these episodes encourage educators, institutions and policymakers to question traditional education models by embracing innovative practices that foster creativity, critical thinking and adaptability. Baobab College inspires others to explore new approaches and reimagine possibilities for student learning. Baobab College, through its podcast series, is disseminating knowledge, insights and best practices to a global audience which has the potential to spark transformative changes in educational systems worldwide.

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