Victoria Kelly:
Architectural Forms of Man and Nature

I am a journalist and photographer based in Lusaka. I’ve lived here since 2006 when I left my job as a financial journalist in London and came to Zambia to work for a local newspaper. I’ve been taking pictures since my early 20s, initially with film cameras, but then when I was given my first digital camera shortly after I arrived in Zambia, I ran with that, loving the freedom and immediacy of it. I took it everywhere with me as I travelled around Zambia and Southern Africa, chronicling what I saw. I am very lucky to have been to so many beautiful places, not just in Zambia but across Africa. It is an extraordinary continent.

Victoria Kelly

In the last few years, I have gone back to film photography and have set up a darkroom in my studio in Lusaka, where I process my own film and prints. I enjoy the slowness of film and find it makes me think more carefully about what pictures I want to take. This in turn is reinvigorating my digital photography. This year, I plan to travel to the north, south, east and west of Zambia, taking pictures of the people I meet and telling their stories – a pilgrimage, if you like, around a country that has given me so much over the last 16 years.

Wild lilies carpet the ground at Liuwa Plain National Park, Western Province
A colourful building in Bo-Kaap, Cape Town
Sandbanks on the Zambezi River, close to the Sioma Falls, Western Province
A pool of water reflects the sky in Liuwa Plain National Park, Western Province
Dead trees at sunset on Lake Kariba
A still morning on the Kafue River, Kafue National Park
A pink house in Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa
89.5fm, Cairo Road, Lusaka

Visit to see more of my work or find me on Instagram @filmphotovicky

You can also see some of my photographs on display at the 37d Gallery, Middleway, Lusaka.

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