Zambia is slowly but surely becoming a fashion powerhouse. In the past few years, we have witnessed numerous fashion designers emerge, showcasing their collections at events such as Zambia Fashion Week. Remarkable local fashion brands like Lwenje, Blink, Lace, MK72 and Tetenge have proven to us that the fashion industry can be a lucrative and fulfilling one.

LWENJE by Tendai Lwenje

LWENJE is a high quality fashion brand that strives for class, elegance and sophistication. “In every garment made, I like to exude luxury. A mix of bold fashion and luxury,” Tendai shares. Since high school the designer behind the brand had a massive interest in designing and making clothes, which made it an easy choice for her to pursue her dreams. Lwenje shares, “Sometimes my creative process begins with an inspiration, an emotion for example. I have an idea of what I want the garment to feel like or what I want the wearer to feel like in the garment.


Apart from our very own local fashion events, the designer’s work has graced the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

Tendai shares that her role as a Zambian fashion designer is to bring a new perspective to Zambian fashion. She adds that when a new generation of designers comes in they do so with fresh ideas and experiences. Therefore she believes her primary role is to bring in ideas that work today but equally take inspiration from the past and focus on the future in order for her brand to survive in the industry.


Blink Africa Designs by Blink Duncan Zeke

Blink Africa Designs is an award winning fashion FASHION Blink Africa Designs 37 nkwazimagazine.com brand whose job is to make you look good, help you create memories and put a smile on your face. “Blink is the nickname my grandfather gave me when I had a scar on my face and I could not blink because of it. I added Africa to the brand name because I include chitenge fabric in my designs,” Duncan says.

Blink Africa Designs is an effortless, timeless and wearable line that reflects boldness, fun and fearlessness. From dressing models and socialites, this line is committed to advancing men’s fashion.

“I am most proud of all the awards I have received from fashion shows and most importantly I thank God for always being on my side. In the near future, I shall continue to produce new designs and ideas. Expect to see more from me,” Blink says. The collections debuted by Blink definitely leave us excited for more.

Tetenge by Tetamukanwa Mwale Vundamina

Established in 2016, Tetenge is a diverse fashion brand catering to everybody. The fashion brand usually adds chitenge to its creations as an ode to its African heritage. Tetamukwana’s creative process “always starts with something I have seen, either a colour, or a garment,” he shares. The designer has showcased numerous collections at distinguished fashion events. He showcased his first collection at the Kasanka Winter Fashion show and made a Zambia Fashion Week debut in 2017. He showcased again at Zambia’s biggest fashion events in 2019 and describes the collection as one of his best. “World dominion through fashion is what I aim for. In 2021 get ready for new looks. I want to represent African style like you’ve never seen before, incorporating Western and African prints to make something unique and creative that will not only appeal to our country but the globe.” It is definitely clear that the fashion brand is here for the quintessential 21st century man and woman.

MK72 by Richard Miles Kasanda

MK72 is a brand that is inspired by the innate need to create images of art that are an authentic representation of our stories. Its creator is an example of a rebel with a cause. Richard describes his brand as “the intersection of cultural artistry and sophistication. The talented designer has showcased at many fashion events including Zambia Fashion Week. “

I play the role of renegade. Most people equate Zambian fashion with chitenge but my view is that I can explore all fabrics, different silhouettes, textures and all possible ways for garment construction in order to interpret Zambian fashion. I believe there is more to the Zambian fashion scene,” Richard shares.


Lace by Mwengz by Mwenge Kapumpa

This highly regarded brand focuses on women’s wear and has definitely come a long way in defining women’s fashion. Having showcased at the Zambia Fashion Week in 2015, Lace has dressed popular Zambian faces such as Salma Sky, Christina Sakala and Esther Chungu. Taking inspiration from women from all walks of life, her creations incorporate chitenge with modern day fabrics and give the modern day women a classy and elegant look. It is safe to say that Lace by Mwengz easily stands out and continues to redefine Zambian fashion. The designer is inspired by local and international brands such as Esnoko and Elie Saab respectively. It’s exciting to watch the growth of this brand and one major milestone was the opening of their store at East Park Mall. Don’t snooze on them, go grab yourself a Lace by Mwengz garment.

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